Through the Mist

mist of the storm

Through the Mist

When the storms of life are raging

And our future we cannot see

The peace for which we are searching

Can only be found on bended knee


When troubles threaten to overflow

The waves of the sea pound our shore

God sends His grace so we may know

He is always standing at our door


When we are faced with heartache

Sorrows seem more than we can bear

God sends His angels to ease the ache

To show us He will always care


In the Lord we can always put our trust

For our hope is in His amazing love

So from the worries of life shake off the dust

And soar through the mist on the wings of a dove


COPYRIGHT BY Jeanette Kelley May 29, 2019

5 thoughts on “Through the Mist

  1. This is so beautiful and I needed it right now!! I’m going through physical pain of migraine headaches. Then, on April 14 we lost our home to fire. Thank God we weren’t home!! It was a total loss and we didn’t have insurance. We’re now in an apartment in out small home town. It’s quite an adjustment. It burned under suspicious circumstances but nothing can be proved. It’s possible that a family member who is Bipolar started it. He has also threatened my life. It’s a long story and God knows all!! I couldn’t make it without Him!!

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