Living At Peace In A Stressful World

Accepted By Grace

Cast all your cares

Living At Peace In A Stressful World

A few Sundays ago I was sitting in my rocking chair on my front porch drinking my morning coffee before getting ready to leave for Sunday Church service. My dog Max lay at the top of the steps on the porch. Across the dirt road from where I live there stands a mighty, old oak tree that is probably three or four hundred years old. I’m sure it is at least four foot across. It has huge limbs that are as big as a large trees coming out on two sides. As I sat there drinking my coffee I heard a sound like an acorn dropping to the ground. The thought went through my mind that a squirrel was there and had dropped a nut to the ground. A few minutes later I heard the sound again but a little bit louder, then…

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